GPNM 2024 Annual Convention & Meeting

The Green Party of New Mexico (GPNM) holds its 2024 Convention/Meeting on Saturday, May 4, 2024, 2:00 p. m. in the Community Room of the LaFarge Library, 1730 Llano Street, Santa Fe. Please contact GPNM at if you want to be an at-large delegate for the convention (must have been registered Green since April 4, 2024). Please contact GPNM if you are interested in running for public office in 2024 (must have been registered Green since January 29, 2024). A call-in, log-in option will be available. Contact to request information.

Tom Wakely for U. S. Senate

Tom Wakely, a Deming Green, is running for U. S. Senate.  Tom is a long-time peace activist, willing to ask hard questions of the major parties, and challenge the corporate duopoly.  Please sign the electronic petition if you are a registered voter in New Mexico. After voter verification, select by office (U. S. Senate), party (Green), or candidate (Thomas John Wakely).

It is a huge task to get minor party and independent candidates on the ballot in New Mexico.  You can further help by sharing the link as widely as you can to registered voters in New Mexico:


25 Years of WIPP

March 26, 1999 is the date that the first shipment of transuranic waste was delivered to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in southeastern New Mexico. Instead of beginning the closure of the pilot plant, the Department of Energy wants to keep it open and expand it over the coming decades.Learn more history and what is being done to stop the expansion of nuclear waste storage in New Mexico from these groups: Los Alamos Study Group, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Stop Forever WIPP.

2024 Legislative Session

Please contact members of the Senate Rules Committee and ask for the following:

1) put SM 6 (Israel Ceasefire) on the agenda and pass it;
2) vote for SJR 7 (Independent Redistricting Committee, CA) (on schedule for Feb 7th).,,,,,,,,,,

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask for the following:

1) put HM 8 (Ceasefire in Israel and Palestine) on the agenda and pass it;
2) put HJR 10 (Independent Redistricting Committee, CA) on the agenda and pass it.,,,,,,,,,,

Please contact members of the HEENRC and ask them to put HJR 4 (Environmental Rights, CA) on the agenda and pass it.,,,,,,,,,,

2024 Presidential Nomination Process

Each state has its own election procedures.  In New Mexico, the Green Party is a minor party and nominates by convention.  We use the list of candidates published by the GPUS Presidential Candidate Support Committee (PCSC) for apportioning our delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention.  There are six people seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States.  Some of them are not Greens but use the process that allows unaffiliated candidates or candidates with other parties to seek party lines in various states.  Links to the candidates’ web sites are listed below.  We plan to provide an opportunity to visit with candidates virtually later in the year.

GREENS:  Jorje Zavala*, Randy Toler*, Jill Stein*, Jasmine Sherman*

Non-GREENS:  Daví*, Robert Cooke

*Candidate or campaign has contacted GPNM.