Upcoming Meetings

  1. New Party Meeting planned for Saturday, June 25, 2022.  Time and venue to be determined.  This is a requirement to regain ballot access.
  2. GPNM National Meeting, July 22-July 24, on line.  Register at https://www.gp.org/2022_anm
  3. Reminder that GPAMA meets locally the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p. m.

Chaco Canyon

The deadline is today(!) to send in public comments regarding the Chaco Culture National Historical Park Area Withdrawal


The Bureau of Land Management proposes to withdraw ~350,000 acres surrounding the site from extractive activities for the next 20 years. This is an effort to protect this World Heritage Site and also may help steer the path forward regarding sustainable energy development.

The direct e-mail address for comments is: BLM_NM_FM_CCNHP_Area_Withdrawal_Comments@blm.gov

Earth Day Events

Celebrate the Earth and help collect signatures at the same time.

Earth Day festivities at Kit Carson Park in Taos on April 22 and April 23 provide an opportunity to share your concern for the earth’s waters and your desire for global peace with others. Enjoy live music and local vendors. Please help collect signatures for the Green Party for ballot access while you are there.

https://www.water-walk.com/ https://www.globalpeacewalk.net/

Connect with Global Greens

Global Young Greens Congress–For Greens under 35, the on-line congress runs from January 14-16. Get in touch: congresscommittee@globalyounggreens.org

Global Greens Virtual Conference–Connecting for Green Action, February 5, 2022. See the Event Schedule and register at https://whova.com/web/hefog_202105/. It’s FREE! If you are an experienced facilitator of on-line events, there may be volunteer opportunities. Express your interest to millie@globalgreens.com.

Redistricting Matters

Post-census redistricting has begun. There is a somewhat hierarchical list of requirements for good redistricting: population balance (one person, one vote), protection and representation of under-represented and oppressed groups, district contiguity and compactness, party and incumbent neutrality, and representation for communities of interest. A former, long-time state representative once said that politics is about the division or distribution of resources. Basically, who gets what and how much. It is important for the breadth of diversity of a state, county, or city to be represented in the decision makers. With these concepts in mind, a coalition of groups led by Fair Districts New Mexico support the adoption of redistricting maps from the sets of maps adopted by the Citizen Redistricting Committee. We strongly encourage you to write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, print and electronic, and to contact your legislators directly to encourage adoption of one of the CRC maps for Congress, State Senate, State House, and Public Education Commission. The Special Session for redistricting begins December 6, 2021.