Urgent Call for New Officers!

Call for 2021 Green Party of Taos County Officers

In order for the Green Party of Taos County (GPTC) to survive, it needs at least three people registered as Green voters in Taos County to serve on the Steering Committee (SC).

If no volunteers are found that are willing to serve as officers on the Steering Committee for 2021, the current Steering Committee plans to dissolve the local in the Steering Committee meeting planned for February 13th 2021.

Please express your interest in advance of the Steering Committee meeting by phone, (575.224.6332), email, on the GPTC Facebook Page, or by attending the online Steering Committee Meeting 2-4 pm Saturday February 13 using Free Conference Call (details below).

If GPTC members are unwilling to serve as Co-Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer on the Steering Committee for 2021, then the current SC intends to dissolve the local prior to the local Annual Convention that would otherwise be scheduled for March 21st 2021.

Registered GPTC members are invited to the GPTC SC Meeting:

Meeting Details: